Attention Catholic Priests, Deacons, and Parish Leaders:
In the average parish, there are 3 groups every leader should understand.

The 7% are the most engaged group. They are regular weekly Mass attendees and do almost all of the financial giving and volunteering at a parish. They are "in."

Then you have the 11%. These are the Catholics who still identify as Catholic, but no longer show up to anything, ever.

But then you have the 82%. These folks (generally) don't volunteer or donate money to the parish. Some of them still show up every week, but the vast majority only come monthly, or Christmas and Easter, or whenever they feel like it, etc.

The 82% is also the group that is slowly drifting out of your parish (6 leave for every 1 that joins). They are the ones most at risk of not coming back. The good news? They still have an attachment to the parish and were still showing up in front of us in the pews (at least sometimes)!

This is where the huge opportunity for every parish remains... the 82%.

The problem?

Though their intentions are good, most everything parishes do, the language they use, the tools they choose, and the content they provide (mobile apps, social media, digital content libraries, etc.), is catered toward the 7%, not the 82%.

Want to fix this at your parish? 

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It is one key part of the solution to getting the 82% back in the pews and helping them take a step closer into, not further out of, your parish.

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