Finally, an easy way to reach and ENGAGE all of your parishioners AND make faith formation more affordable...
With Word on Fire ENGAGE you can now go beyond simple announcements and truly evangelize and catechize your parishioners with engaging and transformative videos and films from Bishop Barron.
Let us show you what this revolutionary new platform can do for your parish!
Here's What Parish Leaders Are Saying...
“People could have ENGAGE materials on the go. It’s a good supplement to on-site programs, but we have a lot of busy people and young families that can’t come to the parish, so this is a tool we can put in their hands anytime."
Rev. Jeffrey S. Dauses
St. Andrew by the Bay
(Annapolis, MD)
“We are in the midst of rekindling our Adult Enrichment mission, so Word on Fire ENGAGE is very appealing. At St. Michael’s, our mission statement is that we 'Celebrate the Sacraments, Grow Disciples and Bring Christ to People.' The mini-courses available support all three of our mission points.“
Tina Gregory
Communications Coordinator
St. Michael Catholic Parish (Livermore, CA)
“Word on Fire ENGAGE will give our parishioners the opportunity and the tools to continue studying their faith at home at a time that works best for them. We also hope that this will help encourage a culture where family and friends gather organically to pursue the truth together on a regular basis.”
Lita Arroyo
Director of Evangelization
St. Mary Magdalene Church (Gilbert, AZ)
“This is a beautiful opportunity for parishes to engage in the New Evangelization. I think it is really neat how easy it is for parishioners, as time is a main reason why people often do not come to bible studies or other Catholic events- this provides the solution.”
Benjamin Valle
Coordinator of Faith Formation
Holy Cross Catholic Church (Deerfield, IL)