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Finally, an easy way to reach and ENGAGE all of your parishioners, even those who do not regularly attend Mass
Let's face it, reaching inactive parishioners is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. Roughly 75% of parishioners do not regularly attend Mass on Sundays. So how do you reach these hundreds (or even thousands) of people?
Only a quarter of Catholics attend Mass each Sunday, and only then for an hour each week. How do you form and engage them during the other six days, especially if they're uninterested or too busy for events and small groups? 
In the average parish, 7% of parishioners are actively engaged, showing up for events and joining small groups. But even these people are increasingly busy and can't make it to every event or study. How do you keep them from missing out on content and discussions?
Engage parishioners with high-quality videos and mini-courses from Bishop Robert Barron.
Word on Fire ENGAGE makes it easy and effective to reach inactive parishioners wherever they are on devices they use everyday. It's one of the few ways to engage and reactivate them.
Word on Fire ENGAGE keeps you in touch with parishioners throughout the week, providing short videos and mini-courses to boost their faith.
Word on Fire ENGAGE brings the small group experience to them, even when they can't attend in person. It extends the discussion and engagement beyond the church walls.
How It Works

Word on Fire ENGAGE is built on the Flocknote Platform.

Flocknote helps you reach people where they're already at, in their email inboxes and via text message. You can organize your church into different groups and ministries and can get a message to exactly who needs it, and to no one who doesn’t. With Word on Fire ENGAGE you can now go beyond simple announcements and truly evangelize and catechize your parishioners with engaging and transformative videos and films from Bishop Barron.
What Parish Leaders Are Saying
“People could have ENGAGE materials on the go. It’s a good supplement to on-site programs, but we have a lot of busy people and young families that can’t come to the parish, so this is a tool we can put in their hands anytime."
Rev. Jeffrey S. Dauses
St. Andrew by the Bay
(Annapolis, MD)
“We are in the midst of rekindling our Adult Enrichment mission, so Word on Fire ENGAGE is very appealing. At St. Michael’s, our mission statement is that we 'Celebrate the Sacraments, Grow Disciples and Bring Christ to People.' The mini-courses available support all three of our mission points.“
Tina Gregory
Communications Coordinator
St. Michael Catholic Parish (Livermore, CA)
“Word on Fire ENGAGE will give our parishioners the opportunity and the tools to continue studying their faith at home at a time that works best for them. We also hope that this will help encourage a culture where family and friends gather organically to pursue the truth together on a regular basis.”
Lita Arroyo
Director of Evangelization
St. Mary Magdalene Church (Gilbert, AZ)
“This is a beautiful opportunity for parishes to engage in the New Evangelization. I think it is really neat how easy it is for parishioners, as time is a main reason why people often do not come to bible studies or other Catholic events- this provides the solution.”
Benjamin Valle
Coordinator of Faith Formation
Holy Cross Catholic Church (Deerfield, IL)
Try it! Set up an entire video series in just minutes...for FREE!
The Last Things
Send a 5-week video series!
What will happen when we die?
Does God really send people to Hell?
Why Purgatory is actually a good thing...
What can we know about angels?
What’s the goal of Christianity?
Why ENGAGE Works
1. The Highest Quality Catholic Content
Word on Fire ENGAGE includes short videos and films that have been Emmy-nominated, aired on Public Television, and viewed by millions around the world. Featuring Bishop Robert Barron, one of the most effective Catholic evangelists today, these videos have led to countless conversions, reversions, and transformed lives. Many people have described them as the most engaging Catholic videos they've ever seen.
2. 100% Preloaded Mini-Courses, Emails, and Text Messages
Our goal was to make it as simple as possible for you to engage your parishioners. So a team of Word on Fire digital evangelization experts have optimized these mini-courses, emails, and text messages to get maximum opens and video views. Everything is already written and loaded for you, so you just choose a mini-course topic, pick your starting date, choose which group you'd like to send it to (the whole parish or any small group/ministry), and that's it! You can, of course, make any edits you'd like to the schedule or messages, if you want to. You can schedule a top-notch Bishop Barron mini-course for your entire parish in less than a minute. Imagine the effect on your parish, and imagine how easy that will make things for you!
3. No Codes, Passwords, Downloads, or Accounts
Word on Fire ENGAGE is astonishingly easy to use. Parishioners just open the message, click, and play. They don't need any technical expertise. There are no barriers or extra websites between them receiving and watching the content. They don't have to login to comment or join the discussion. There are no apps or downloads. Even parishioners with zero technical expertise will use this, and use it often. Nothing will hold them back. There's no barrier to entry. You'll engage them.
4. High, Trackable Engagement Through Email/Texting
We don't just think this will help you engage more parishioners. We'll prove it. With Word on Fire ENGAGE, you'll immediately see how well it's working. Since the system delivers content to your parishioners through emails and text messages, you'll know exactly how many people are opening/clicking the videos, and specifically who is most (and least) engaged in your parish. You can determine which content people are most interested in...and then deliver more of it. Also, through the simple commenting system, you'll get direct feedback from parishioners on what they like and the questions they have, giving you valuable access to your own parishioners.
5. No Content Avalanche
With ENGAGE you won't just dump hundreds of videos onto your parishioners and hope they find the time or interest to watch the right videos, at the right time, on their own. Under that scenario, most parishioners will login once or twice, watch a couple videos, and then never come back. But with ENGAGE you'll easily walk parishioners through short, guided mini-courses and film series so your community is watching and discussing the same videos together. It keeps them active and engaged, and makes sure the videos aren't just lying dormant. Instead of waiting for them to seek out content, you bring the content and discussion to them.
6. Simple + Secure Commenting and Discussion
With Word on Fire ENGAGE, parishioners can ask questions and respond to all videos, without logging in (yet you still have full moderation control of the discussion.) Only registered parishioners are able to comment on each video, so no worries about spam. This turns your mini-courses into a digital small group, where parishioners can comment whenever and wherever they'd like. (And if you're a pastor, imagine how amazing it will be to share conversations with people who otherwise never show for Mass or parish events!)
7. Grow Your Parish Email/Phone List (and Keep It Up-To-Date)
Only registered parishioners receive access to these mini-courses, and the complete Word on Fire Digital library, which gives your parishioners a powerful incentive to register with the parish and keep their contact info up-to-date! All of your parishioner information remains with you, belongs to you, and is always accessible through your dashboard. (Remember: the more parishioners who sign up for ENGAGE, the more people with whom you'll be able to share other parish announcements, such as stewardship campaigns, big events, etc. So Word on Fire ENGAGE helps amplify everything else you do in the parish!)
Here's How It Works...
What Your Parish Gets
100% Scripted Mini-Courses from Bishop Barron (In English & Spanish!)
  •  The Last Things: Five short, engaging videos on the Last Things (death, judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell), designed to send one each week during Lent 
  •  Catholicism 101: Help parishioners master the basics of the Faith and get up to speed with this series of 20 short videos
  •  Heroes of the Faith: Quickly introduce figures who shaped the Church and changed the world
  •  Understanding God: Who is God, and why does he matter? Do faith and science conflict? What to make of atheism? This mini-course gives parishioners the answers
  •  Who is Jesus?: Help parishioners discover who Jesus is, why he died on the Cross, and why the Resurrection matters
  •  The Teachings of Jesus: Expose parishioners to some of Jesus' most important and life-changing teachings
  •  Why the Church Matters: People are increasingly "spiritual, but not religious.“ This mini-course shows parishioners why the Church matters
  •  Prayer: Teaches the basics of prayer and highlights the wisdom of great Catholic spiritual masters
  •  The Resurrection: A perfect mini-course to send during the Easter season!
  •  COMING SOON - The Mystery of the Mass (short video lessons of Bishop Barron explaining each part of the Mass!)
Pre-Written & Done-For-You Emails and Text Messages
Set up an entire virtual Lenten mission, weekly Bible study, or CATHOLICISM course with a few clicks. (Choose to send to your whole parish or just one ministry/group. Schedule and send with a click!)
Access To The Entire Word on Fire Digital Library For ALL Of Your Parishioners
EVERYONE at your parish gets digital streaming access to 100% of Bishop Barron's films + videos! No accounts, passwords, or codes needed. Normally, this costs $19.95/person/month, but every person in your parish receives this free through Word on Fire ENGAGE!
ALL Leader Guides and Study Guides are NOW INCLUDED as Digital PDFs! (Download, make copies, and hand them out to your small group!)
AND get 10% OFF any physical study materials and books in the Word on Fire store!
Dedicated team of "Happiness Engineers" to answer your questions AND help you if you get stuck along the way!
Complete Bishop Barron DVD collection for your parish library!
(Only for parishes paying yearly)
With ENGAGE Your Parishioners Get Access To ALL Of Bishop Barron's Films and Videos!
CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players
CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization
David the King
The Mystery of God
Priest, Prophet, King
Untold Blessing
Seven Deadly Sins
The Eucharist
+ Early-Access to ALL of Bishop Barron's Future Films & Videos!
+ Bishop Barron's Public Talks and Lectures
Your Parish Investment
After your 30-Day FREE Trial, the special introductory price for Word on Fire ENGAGE is $197/month or $1,970/year (get two months free when you pay annually!)

You'll also need Flocknote, which is the email and text messaging tool that Word on Fire ENGAGE is built on. Thousands of parishes already use Flocknote, so if that's your parish, there's no extra fee. If you don't already have Flocknote, it's free for up to 40 members and then costs around $25-$65/month for the average-sized parish. To calculate the exact cost for your particular parish, see the pricing table here.

For most parishes, all of this is a no-brainer.

Think about it: for this low monthly price, you'll engage and reactivate hundreds of parishioners who previously never showed up for events and never participated.

What is that worth to you?

You'll also give your entire parish access to the Word on Fire Digital library (which normally costs $19.95/person/ the math to determine how much that would normally cost your whole parish.)

You'll also get the most powerful Catholic emailing and texting tool on the market, to better communicate with your parish. Through the analytics, you'll immediately see how Word on Fire ENGAGE transforms the lives of your parishioners and reenergizes those who have long been away.
"Would promoting online studies discourage parishioners from attending our on-site programs?"
No way! In fact, Word on Fire ENGAGE does the opposite. By engaging your inactive parishioners, you prepare them to join small groups. Also, those who can't make the small group meetings can stay connected, still watching the videos and joining the discussion online. In short, Word on Fire ENGAGE does not compete with your small groups—it amplifies them.
"We already have an online video library and few parishioners actually use it. What makes ENGAGE different?"
ENGAGE is much more than a video library. It's a revolutionary new way to communicate and evangelize. Instead of waiting for parishioners to login somewhere and discover videos on their own, ENGAGE allows you to send premium videos directly to them via email or text. Best of all, they can immediately watch and reply back without setting up an account, using a code, or requiring a password. The barrier of entry is extremely low which make the engagement extremely high.
"Our parish already has a website, app, and social media pages. Why do we also need ENGAGE?" 
Website, apps, and social pages are important, but they are passive ways to communicate. Parishioners must make a decision on their own to visit the page or app. ENGAGE, on the other hand, gives you the ability to actively send messages directly to your parishoners…even to those who do not attend Mass on a regular basis! There's no better way to get in front of your parishioners and keep them activated.
Not a Pastor or Parish Administrator? Here's How to Share This With Them:
Click the button below...
and we'll send you a nice introductory email that you can forward to your pastor!
What is Word on Fire ENGAGE?
Word on Fire ENGAGE is an innovative new way to reach all parishioners, including the 75% of who do not regularly attend Mass on Sunday. It helps you engage more people without wasting your time, hiring additional staff people, or dealing with complicated websites!

Using the most effective means of parish communication today (emails and texts), you can easily evangelize, catechize, and engage your parishioners, even when they're not at Mass, through Bishop Barron's high-quality and intelligent video content.

We provide you with several mini-courses from Bishop Barron. Each course includes a series of pre-written emails and texts (optimized for engagement), short videos from Bishop Barron, and a place for parishioners to discuss the content. Also, through Word on Fire ENGAGE, your parishioners get 100% access to the Word on Fire Digital library, so they can watch any of Bishop Barron's films and study programs on any device, whenever they'd like.
I already have a website and can send emails. Why do I need ENGAGE?
A website is important for a parish, but it does a poor job engaging people. You have to sit and wait for parishioners to visit the page, which usually doesn't happen. That's why we joined forces with Flocknote. Flocknote is leading the way with parish engagement. It's an innovative tool, used by thousands of parishes, that offers the ability to send messages directly to your parishioners…even those who are currently inactive!

ENGAGE takes this tool a step further allowing you to send high-quality video content to your parishioners, drawing them closer to Christ, using some of the best resources from Bishop Barron and Word on Fire.

Also, with Word on Fire ENGAGE, your ENTIRE PARISH gets digital streaming access to all of Bishop Barron's films and videos! If you’re leading a Word on Fire study program, and people miss a session, they can watch the videos and catch up in just a few clicks.

Finally, with Word on Fire ENGAGE, you're not only able to send emails but also text messages to your parishioners, which typically have an open rate above 90% (email is usually around 20-30%.) This is a real game-changer for parishes.
Can I create my own emails to send to my parish?
Yes! In addition to the pre-scripted mini-courses we provide, you can compose whatever emails or text messages you'd like within Flocknote. Send notes about big events, exciting announcements, small group opportunities, and more. And you can easily drag-and-drop a Bishop Barron video into any of these messages, too!

Also, Flocknote allows multiples admin accounts for each parish, with each admin assigned different privileges. Some leaders, such as the priest or parish secretary, may have the ability to message the whole parish, while others are given permission to only message a particular small group or ministry. It's totally up to you! The platform is extremely flexible.
How many mini-courses are included?
When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to eight mini-courses, but we'll be continuously adding new courses with premium content (including a new mini-course on the Resurrection in time for Easter!) We'll regularly give you new resources to engage more parishioners.
This sounds great, but it’d be hard to get my parishioners to sign up. How long does it take for them to register? Do they need a code?
No codes! All you need is a parishioner's email address or phone number, and chances are you already have that in your parish registry. You just upload their information to your Flocknote account (which takes just a couple minutes), and then begin sending the mini-courses! All the parishioners have to do is click a link in the email, and they will instantly begin viewing a video and engaging in discussion. No login necessary, and no accounts!
How do I obtain email addresses from my parishioners?
You can easily upload existing contacts to your dashboard. Or parishioners can sign up on your website through an embeddable form we provide. Or, through Flocknote's Text-to-Join feature, you can gather up-to-date member phone numbers and email addresses, all via text message. At your next gathering, simply tell people to “Text KEYWORD to 84576” (and you pick your own keyword.)

Flocknote takes it from there, helping you gather any information you’d like from them and getting them plugged into everything you offer as a parish. You can even use Flocknote as a simple member database. All data you collect can be exported and used however you'd like, including pulling it into your parish management software. And of course, it’s your data, so it's kept secure and private.
My parish is not tech savvy. Is there training to use ENGAGE? Is it difficult to use?
Using ENGAGE could not be easier. If parishioners can open an email, they have all the necessary skills. They open, click the video player, and start watching! But you'll also have access to an extensive library of video tutorials, as well as a team of Flocknote Happiness Engineers, who can help answer specific questions and assist in setting up your account.
Will my parishioners get marketing or spam emails?
No! These email addresses are yours and will be stored securely in your member dashboard. They will not be added to any lists or sent marketing emails unless they give their full consent. Nobody else will email them except for you!
How does the 30-Day FREE Trial work?
We're giving you complete access to ALL of Bishop Barron's videos and mini-courses for 30 days. Why are we doing this? Because we're confident once you start using Word on Fire ENGAGE, you'll quickly see how powerful it is and how it can help you engage more of your parishioners.

If you already use Flocknote, simply login to your account and activate the trial of ENGAGE (you'll see a button on your dashboard.) If you're not yet on Flocknote, you can sign up free and begin emailing/texting up to 40 members. If you would like to send to more than 40 contacts, all you'll have to pay is the small Flocknote fee based on the number of email addresses you have. 
How much will it cost after the trial?
The special introductory price for Word on Fire ENGAGE is $197/month or $1,970/year (get two months free when you pay annually!)

You'll also need to sign up for Flocknote, the email and text messaging tool on which Word on Fire ENGAGE is built. Thousands of parishes already use Flocknote, so if that's your parish, there's no extra steps and no extra fee. If you don't already use Flocknote, it's free for up to 40 members and then costs around $25-$65/month for the average-sized parish. To calculate the exact cost for your particular parish, see the pricing table here.

For most parishes, the cost is a no-brainer. Think about it: for $197/month, you'll engage and reconnect with hundreds of previously inactive parishioners, people who don't show up for small groups and maybe no longer attend Mass. What is that worth to you? You'll also give your entire parish access to the Word on Fire Digital library (which normally costs $19.95/person/ the math to determine how much that would normally cost your whole parish.) You'll also get the simplest and most powerful Catholic emailing/texting tool on the market, to better communicate with your parish. And you'll immediately see how Word on Fire ENGAGE transforms the lives of your parishioners and reenergizes those who have long been inactive.
We have a small parish with a limited budget. Is there a less expensive version?
The Word on Fire ENGAGE price is a flat cost of $197/month (which is less than you'd normally pay to give access to Word on Fire Digital for just 10 parishioners!) However, the small Flocknote fee varies depending on the number of parishioners on your email list. Some parishes pay as little as $25/month. (You can also save money on both Word on Fire ENGAGE and Flocknote by pre-paying for the year.)
My parishioners have not used series I have purchased in the past. Is this a waste of money?
We’re confident these video mini-courses will engage your parishioners in new ways (as explained in the "Why ENGAGE Works" section above.) You'll have instant access to of all the message stats (open/clicks) so you can immediately see how many parishioners are actually using Word on Fire ENGAGE. You'll be able to verify its effectiveness and measure the impact.
I understand what Word on Fire is, but what is Flocknote? Do I need both?
Flocknote is a popular communication tool used by thousands of Catholic parishes. It's a smarter way to text message and email your flock. Word on Fire ENGAGE uses this great tool along with the award-winning videos from Bishop Barron to create effective mini-courses to engage and evangelize your parish.

You can purchase Flocknote alone, to email and text your parishioners, but you need Word on Fire ENGAGE to have access to all the videos and mini-courses. (Also, you cannot purchase Word on Fire ENGAGE by itself. It requires Flocknote.)
Do I have to sign a contract?
No! You can cancel at any time. Sign up for the free 30-day trial today to dig into this great tool risk-free!
Here Are 7 Reasons Your Parish Needs Word on Fire ENGAGE
How To Set Up A Virtual Parish Mission For Free In Under 5 Minutes
Engage All Your Parishioners...
...even those who don't show up.

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