A FREE training series for priests & parish leaders brought to you by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries
FREE TRAINING FOR PRIESTS & PARISH LEADERS: Bishop Barron has commissioned his Word on Fire team to teach you the counterintuitive strategies, and equip you with the right tools, to engage, form, and evangelize your parishioners in this new fast-moving digital world.
Learn from Bishop Barron's team of digital communication, evangelization, and formation experts!
Fr. Steve Grunow
CEO & Executive Producer
Peggy Pandaleon
Director of Parish Formation Programs
Jon Bator
Director of Marketing
Drew Pultorak
Sales & Distribution Manager
Dominic Salamida
Marketing Coordinator
Matt Franz
Parish Success Manager
Here's what you'll discover:
Here's what you'll discover:

WEEK #1: Discover Word on Fire's most efficient and cost effective digital evangelization strategy for reaching millions of people every year and how your parish can use the same strategy on a smaller scale to reach the people in your local area.

This has nothing to do with building complicated websites, designing apps, posting on social media, or sending expensive letters in the mail.

WEEK #2: See how to take the quality of your communication at the parish to the next level and have your parishioners excited to hear from you, even when they are not physically on site or at Mass.

There's a hard way and an easy way to do this, and we're going to show you the easy way. This is where the Word on Fire Team can really help your parish save some time, effort, and money!

WEEK #3: Evangelization starts with the formation of those already showing up to Mass and your parish programs, so this week is all about improving the quality and cost effectiveness of formation at the parish using some powerful online tools.

We'll also show you how to provide these disciples with the tools they need to evangelize the rest of the parish. Hundreds of parishes are already using these tools to make faith formation more effective and affordable.

WEEK #4: We're going to spend this week answering your questions and addressing the most common roadblocks parish leaders encounter when attempting to improve digital communications at the parish.

We'll also dive into a few case studies and success stories from parish leaders to give you some encouragement and confidence that this stuff really works.